What is it "Flyboard"?

The Flyboard is an accessory that attaches to the discharge of a Jet ski. The Jet Ski is the engine that propels the Flyboard through the air and water using the thrust generated by the water craft.

How safe it is?

Extremely safe, there have been no reported injuries worldwide when flying with a personal instructor. Instructors are in complete control of the power at all times to ensure your safety. Before your flight you will receive easy to understand instructions on what to do, what not to do and what to expect during your maiden voyage. Also all of our Instructors are CPR & First Aid trained and we have a safely boat close by in case of an emergency. The Flyboard floats, plus the user will wear a life vest and a helmet so the pilot will feel completely safe. The only danger in Flyboarding is flying in shallow water and that's why we fly our clients in 30 -40 feet of water. Decline any offer from anyone that offers to fly you in a shallow marina near dangerous obstacles.

What are the age limits?

There are no age limits but the person should feel comfortable in the water.

Is there a weight or size limit?

We can fly anyone 60 to 375 pounds. There is no height limit and our equipment will accommodate anyone with a shoe size between 6 & 13. Anyone larger or smaller just let us know and we will make arrangements to have the proper gear ready for your flight.

How long does it take to learn?

Learning to operate the Flyboard is easier than you think. It's NOT HARD! We can get you flying in only a few minutes! Some people learn faster, some slower but everyone will have a lot of fun their first time flying and the fun only gets better with each future flight.

Will the Flyboard push me underwater if I fall?

No. Our Certified Instructors are trained to constantly observe the Pilot and release the thrust in the event of unintentional water entry. Although it is possible to plunge below the surface, generally it is for less than 2 seconds.

Does it take a lot of strength to fly the Flyboard?

No, all it takes is basic balance and foot coordination. If you can stand up and walk, the odds are you can Flyboard! At Extreme Water Adventures, you don't have to be Ironman to fly like a Super Hero.

How high I can fly?

How high do you want to fly? The Instructor will control your height of approximately 5-15 feet but the more you progress the higher we will let you fly. Just to be clear, you control your height with hand signals. We will never take you higher then you feel comfortable.

How heavy is the Flyboard?

The board itself weighs 45 lbs. but becomes weightless in the water and floats.

What should I wear on my Flyboard adventure?

We will outfit you with a helmet and a life jacket but come ready to swim! We recommend swimming shorts over bikini bottoms for the ladies and board shorts for the fellas.

How many people can I bring on the boat to watch me have fun?

You can bring up to 4 friends and family for smaller groups but it depends on how many people plan to fly. Please get more details when you book your flight.

What should I bring with me?

Bring a towel, a valid form of identification, a dry change of clothes, sunscreen, water and a snack to enjoy on our beautiful boat.