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The most important element in any relationship is trust. Trust is also very important when choosing the right flyboard company. Knowing you're in good hands with Extreme Water Adventures will help you fully enjoy your time flying. It's one thing to say you can trust us, but we'd rather show you. Our insurance, staff, and our safety policies, set us apart in the industry. 

We are the only Flyboard company in North Florida that carries insurance and have the most comprehensive policy available. 

Flyboarding is extremely safe sport but by choosing us you will feel secure in knowing you've chosen the safest Flyboard Company for your family. 

Whether you're in the air or on our boat, your family is completely covered. Steer clear of companies that cannot provide you with insurance paper work or openly violates insurance standards by flying clients near docked boats and dangerous obstacles.


Not only are we the only fully insured Flyboard company in the area. we are also the only company that keeps a luxury boat close to the action. Your friends and family can watch you having the time of your life from our luxury two-story pontoon. You will feel safe & relaxed knowing they're close by.

Customer Service:

Customer service is an important factor in choosing a Flyboard company. Extreme Water Adventures is a family-operated business, and we place a high priority on building personal relationships with our clients.


Owner Julia Jones has a Master's degree in Psychology and is completing her Ph.D. in Business. As a full-time counselor for the past five years, she has developed a unique ability to serve people and understand their needs, in turn, providing you with an excellent customer service experience.

As a business owner for the last thirteen years, owner Jason Jones has developed a keen understanding of personal expectations and how to exceed the needs of his clients.

Together Jason & Julia make an unbeatable leadership teamwilling to earn your trust. They truly know how to make people happy, smile and keeping you coming back for more fun.

The next step in choosing a flyboarding company is customer service. We're a family-operated business and we place a high priority on building personal relationships with our clients.




In addition to EWA's 2014 two-story pontoon, the company boast of two 2014 Flyboards and two extremely powerful 2014 Yamaha supercharged jet skis.

Having the best equipment on the market means more bang for your dollar. Two Flyboards come in handy with larger groups and keeps the action going nonstop.

Extreme Water Adventures has invested in the best equipment money can buy to offer you the best experience in the Flyboarding industry.

This is why Extreme Water Adventures and St. Augustine Florida  are quickly becoming Florida's premier Flyboard destination.

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